Purse Options


Show committees have the option of adding money, guaranteeing a purse, or simply jack-potting the entry fees.




Guaranteed Purse:

A predetermined amount of money will be the total purse, no matter how many enter or show. Show management keeps 100% of the entry fees.

Added Money:

Money that is added to the jack-potted portion of entry fees to make a total purse. Guaranteed Added: the added money is guaranteed to be added regardless of number of paid entries or numbers show, and is added to the jackpot.

Jack-potted Purse

The purse consist of a percentage of entry fees only. No money is added.


Open / Intermediate / Limited Open Purse Suggestions

The NSBA does not dictate the format of these classes, but it does strongly recommend that a format similar to the following be chosen for Open and Limited Open events.

If your show DOES NOT require the limited riders to enter the corresponding Open class, please consider this entry format:

  • Allow limited rider to enter the open class for 1/2 the normal fee with entry to the corresponding limited division class.
  • Determine the total money to be added to the 2 divisions, and divide it 60% to open and 40% to limited.
  • Run your classes together or separately as you choose, based on time, facilities, and number of anticipated entries, but list said decision in your showbill. We strongly urge you to combine the two if entries are less than 25 in both divisions. In the event that you run them separately, the OPEN division should be run first.

Our goal is to encourage increased participation in the open divisions, without mandating formats to show committees. We believe that if we give show committees flexibility, you will do what is best for your show, and ultimately what is best for the industry, because exhibitors will support the shows that support the industry.

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