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ID Foal Year Sex Name Sire Dam Current Owner Microchip Height
L120184 2014 Gelding 007 D'O Gin-Diudam Dolce Vita Van Orti Lindsay Beale 981100004056648
L121322 2012 Gelding 2 A.M. Sheraton Regina K Charlotte Babbitt 528210002803360
L109945 2002 Gelding 20C Undocumented Undocumented Nicole Amoroso 372141404115622
L083058 2006 Gelding 22 Stitches Double Honor Aerobic Exercise Kimberly Billquist 981020035779510 16.0 7/8
L089493 2011 Gelding 24K Magic Nabab De Reve Hope Van Het Krekelhof Mary McNeel 967000001520124
L089458 2015 Gelding 5O1 Kiva Han Soprano Adelaide Margaret Whisenhunt 276098106138149
L085989 2014 Gelding 7 Line Express Dialedin Empty Canvas Fianna Catherine Roberts-Squier
L081390 2016 Mare 9 to 5 Undocumented Undocumented Ellen Baehr 985111001896740 13.1
L109740 2010 Mare 90210 Dover Dere Sea Godess Devon Anne Lemoine 981020023205902
L067742 2018 Gelding A Absolute Dream Im A Platinum Dream Absolute Impulse Elise M Craft
L000334 2007 Gelding A Awesome Detail Last Detail Sea Mart Emilee Rae Landers
L005276 0 A Awesome Invitation The Invitation Winsome Pat Star Alicia Porter
L066500 2015 Gelding A Back Street Affair Presidential Order A Sudden Susie Gina McCormick
L003515 2010 Mare A Bar Investment Absolute Investment Strawberry Plum Good Amanda Rohr
L003236 2010 Mare A Beautiful Me A Beautiful Ride When U Werent Lukin Nancy-Sue Ryan
L045983 2007 Mare A Beautiful Moxie Triples Crown Jewel Mystical Memory Kelley C Simonsen
L001978 2006 Stallion A Beautiful Ride Duplicated Deck Georgia Rambling Carmen E Phillips
L029741 2005 Mare A Beauty Machine A Good Machine Sally Mae Investment Bruce Tomlinson
L003657 2009 Mare A Better Fantasy RL Best Of Sudden My Hottest Fantasy Brenda Gower
L076032 2020 Gelding A Better Man Good Better Best HSH Princess Grace Jennifer Sias Rooks
L075805 2020 Gelding A Bettin Machine Machine Made Id Bet On Her Alison S Herschede
L111349 2012 Gelding A Bientot Amazing Rejoice Elizabeth Colavincenzo 933000120083473
L047038 2013 Stallion A Big Career Potential Career Intendin To Pleasure Joseph and Susan Peed
L029742 2006 Stallion A Bigger Bang Mr Big Time Fancy/R Big Time Fancy Sultress In Satin Rhea Cheers
L090025 2020 Gelding A Bit Iresistable Iresistable Sudden Wee Bit Good Teresa J Storm
L079679 2015 Gelding A Bit Lucky Romany River Talisman Brighton Beam A Bit River Run Farm LLC 981020023456587
L117934 2006 Gelding A Bit O'Blarney Undocumented Royal Clonamerria Marali Rose Burns 372141404542252
L046515 2013 Gelding A Bit Sophisticated Sophistication Only Quiteabitradical Laura & Jerry Bracken
L001962 2006 Mare A Blayzen Grace Blazing Hot Krymsun Hot Invite Ted Dr/Amanda Filandrianos
L027993 2008 Mare A Blaze Of Style Blazing Hot Sheza Cool Zip Susan Carpenter
L059408 2010 Mare A Blazen Asset Hot N Blazing Good Assets Joy Jeana Bingaman
L074861 2017 Mare A Blazin Haze Lazy Loper I Got Hot Cookies Rebecca H Hine
L002010 2005 Gelding A Blazin Hot Leaguer Blazing Hot Sweet Leaguer Chip Dave F Zister
L100154 2018 Mare A Blazing Artist Invite The Artist Blazing Dreams Chad Filek
L061007 2016 Gelding A Blazing Gold Chip Natural Hot Iron Chocolate Lollipop Karla Kegley
L078770 2020 Stallion A Blazing Good Bar Blazing Hot Graces Good Bar Sharon London
L044018 2011 Mare A Blazing Hot Melody Blazing Hot A Radical Melody McGrath Quarter Horses LLC
L066013 2018 Gelding A Blazing Legacy Hot N Blazing Moxies Legacy Carolyn Chase
L050575 2014 Gelding A Blazing Loper Lazy Loper Sweetly Impulsive Amanda Martin-McHollan
L051720 2014 Gelding A Blazing Miracle Blazing Hot Miracles And Grace Tracy R Harrell
L045790 2012 Mare A Blazing Offering Good I Will Be A Blazing Invitation Amanda Butler
L005298 2008 Gelding A Blazing Reflection Blazing Hot Britney Pine Jean F and Gerald F Swiss
L027758 2012 Stallion A Blazing Slapshot Blazing Hot Leos Golden Heiress Stephanie Patton
L029743 2009 Mare A Blazing Stiletto David MacDonald
L072191 2019 Mare A Bleu Award VS Code Blue Red Hot Award Paulette R Christen
L112736 2021 Mare A Blue Is Comin Soon VS Code Blue Hereicomagain Katherine K Tobin
L059662 2016 Mare A Blue Persuasion VS Code Blue Shy Talkin Leaguer Jamie Watson
L112977 2021 Mare A Blue Sensation/Sensational Blues Good To Be Blue Sensational Angel Kate Fleming
L005304 0 A Bold Sensation The Big Sensation Bold Vanessa Stanley or Susan Scott LLC
L029744 2009 Mare A Bold Tale Coats N Tails Bold Vanessa Stanley or Susan Scott LLC
L046820 2013 Gelding A Boy Named Hoo Hot Ones Only These Irons R Dancin Tammy Thompson Dyer
L056122 2013 Gelding A Boy Named Souix Hot N Blazing No Equal No Limits Scott Allen Reinartz
L128359 2010 Gelding A Boy Named Sue Evan's Cadfael Whispering Rhanne Sydalee Bendell 932001000673305 12.2
L073551 2019 Gelding A Boys Legacy The Born Legacy Oh Goody Im Hot Rod Jeffries
L001833 1999 Gelding A Breeze of Pleasure A Passing Breeze Sheza Fancy Zippo Stacy Muzljakovich
L073205 2019 Mare A Broken Invitation A Winning Invitation To Broke To Lope Melissa Riehl
L126242 2020 Mare A Brown Eyed Girl Heavy Duty Chex Gunnalicious Karen M Johnson
L048217 2008 Gelding A Bucket Of Fun Its All About Blue Serena Belle Jan Kimball
L086753 2005 Gelding A Bueno Chic Bueno Fritzi Nic A Hollywood Chic Adrianna Runzo
L001081 2002 Gelding A Burning Romance Stella Magnolia Romantic Gesture Ivy Poma
L066440 2014 Mare A Busy Affair Busy Winin Chex Coronas Affair Steve and Kathy Headley
L001181 2008 Mare A Can Do Goodie Zippo Can Do Ima Zipping Tiger Paul W Lawrence
L029745 2006 Mare A Captivating Dance The Last Captive Already Dancin Janet Lynn Smith
L029746 2009 Mare A Catered Affair A Winning Invitation Hot Motion Ryan Flowers
L133161 2023 Mare A Celebrated Outlaw Outlaw Enterprise A Good Celebration Lauren Danielson
L033662 2012 Gelding A Certain Adoration Certain Potential Inviteme To The Ritz Ann Summer
L049347 2010 Gelding A Certain Amble Certain Potential Zippos Amblin Easy Susie Reinauer or Paige Baylis
L002939 2009 Mare A Certain Amiga Certain Potential Ima Shady Amiga Karma Equine LLC
L002940 2009 Stallion A Certain Amigo Certain Potential Amigos Barbie Kenneth or Laina Banks
L072480 2019 Mare A Certain Bait Girl Batt Man Blonds For Certain Stan &/or Mary Kay Steyskal
L060556 2016 Stallion A Certain Battman Batt Man A Certain Diva Clayton Kilbourn
L001411 2008 Mare A Certain Blaze Blazing Hot Certainly A Classic Fritz Leeman
L005318 2005 Mare A Certain Calling Certain Potential Jets Avon Peggy Derby
L000620 2006 Mare A Certain Carmel Certain Potential One Chocolate Cookie Johnny L Tart
L067057 2018 Gelding A Certain Chex Certainly A Vision Alexi Chex Susan Manning
L027780 2012 Mare A Certain Cowgirl How Bout This Cowboy Who Could Be Certain Debbie Kuffer
L073488 2019 Mare A Certain Crush Certain Potential Blaze N Freckles Sheryl Chillson
L123880 2021 Mare A Certain Diamond Certainly A Vision Oakies Asset Barbara Popovich
L000969 2006 Mare A Certain Faith Certain Potential Zip Be Easy Elizabeth M Baker
L005322 2005 Gelding A Certain Gentleman Certain Potential Touchable Asset Darol Rodrock
L099199 2019 Gelding A Certain Gold Hes Berry Blazin A Certain Purchase Janet Dawson
L060065 2016 Stallion A Certain Groove Certain Potential Suddenly Radical Thad Burnight
L005323 2006 Mare A Certain Guest Certain Potential Susies Invitation Darol or Karen Rodrock
L002941 2009 Mare A Certain Gypsy Certain Potential MVP Leaguer Kenneth or Laina Banks
L029747 2012 Mare A Certain Holiday Certain Potential PF Flashy Holiday Janet Thorley
L001066 2006 Mare A Certain Illusion Certain Potential Uncork The Magic Rawlings Enterprises LLC
L002942 2009 Mare A Certain Impulse Certain Potential Fashioned By Impulse Kenneth or Laina Banks
L005326 2005 Mare A Certain Indy Certain Potential Uncork The Magic Ann Burney
L002943 2009 Mare A Certain Intuition Certain Potential Shes Double Parked Kenneth or Laina Banks
L029748 2005 Mare A Certain Investment Certain Potential Forever Invested Ann K Admonius
L029749 2005 Mare A Certain Invitation Certain Potential Susies Invitation Tim/Lou Petty
L089970 2020 Mare A Certain Kinda Look Certainly A Vision HP Centerfold Megan Manlief
L111946 2021 Gelding A Certain Knockout Certainly A Vision Only Loping For Chex Fritz J Trybus DVM
L048021 2013 Mare A Certain Kruzer The Krymsun Kruzer A Certain Invitation FMH Incorporated
L064701 2011 Gelding A Certain Krymsun Certain Potential Huntin A Tune Catherine Comeaux
L029750 2011 Stallion A Certain League Certain Potential Whata Big Leaguer Jane Backes
L029751 2005 Stallion A Certain Leaguer Certain Potential Leaguers Dodger Doll Tim/Lou Petty
L113099 2020 Mare A Certain Legacy The Born Legacy Positively Certain Chav3z Enterprises LLC
L029752 2006 Mare A Certain Look Certain Potential KT Gotcha Lookin Gene E Spitzer
L005328 2005 Mare A Certain Luxury Certain Potential Luxury Goods Lindy Terry
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