Enrolling a Stallion or Foal

Enrolling a Stallion

To participate in the Breeders Championship Futurity (BCF), stallion owners must be current NSBA members, and pay an annual $500 fee by May 15th to nominate their stallion. After May 15th, nominations increase to $800, and can be paid at any date, to make foals eligible. The year in which a stallion is paid into the BCF, will make foals born in that year eligible for enrollment.

Horses may be enrolled at any time beginning as weanlings through their three year old year.

Weanling year enrollment by December 15

  • 1 - 4 foals $125 per foal
  • 5 or more foals $100 per foal

Yearling enrollment beginning December 16 - May 15

  • $200

Yearling enrollment May 16 - December 31

  • $1,000

2 Year Old enrollment

  • Beginning January 1st of two year old year, $2000 per two year old

3 Year Old enrollment

  • Beginning January 1st of three year old year, $3000 per three year old

Certificate of Registration

Once the enrollment form has been received and validated, and a copy of the breed registration papers have been forwarded to the NSBA office, a Certificate of Registration is emailed to the foal owner. The Certificate must be current when the horse is shown.

Any changes in information will need to be forwarded to the NSBA office, along with a transfer form. The fee for changes, including those listed below, is $45. Please note that a copy of the horse's registration papers, showing the current ownership, must accompany the transfer form.

  • Change in ownership
  • Change in the name of horse
  • Loss of original certificate

For more information please contact the Registration Department at 847-625-6594 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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