Equestrians With Disabilities

Inclusion of Competition

Evidenced by a long and storied progression of standards for show horse events, an important aspect of National Snaffle Bit Association’s mission is providing an opportunity for horsemen and women and their horses to showcase their abilities in a venue that provides a fair and level playing field. NSBA has developed class divisions for horses and exhibitors based on their lifetime earnings that allows horses and riders to compete against their peers of similar skill and experience levels.

The inclusion of competition for Equestrians With Disabilities into horse shows, exhibits and events with a division all their own was the natural next step of that same mission. The Foundation’s promotion of Equestrians With Disabilities provides opportunities for riders with physical and cognitive disabilities to compete with horses.

As part of its regular slate of class offerings, NSBA has curated a variety of approved classes in which Equestrians With Disabilities may participate. Including Showmanship, Horsemanship, Equitation, Trail, Western Pleasure and Hunter Under Saddle, classes are offered for exhibitors who can ride independently and those who need support. NSBA EWD classes may be held at NSBA approved shows, US Para-Equestrian events or may be stand-alone events included the NSBA World Championship Show.

Note: According to official NSBA rules and regulations, participants in the Equestrians With Disabilities competition must have a diagnosed mental or physical condition attest to by a licensed medical physician. An EWD Special Diagnosis Form must be completed, signed by a licensed medical doctor and submitted to NSBA prior to competing in approved classes for Equestrians With Disabilities every two years.

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Sponsor A Rider

The NSBA Foundation provides support for riders participating in the Equestrians With Disabilities, and the Veteran Heroes on Horses programs, by assisting in funding their World Championship Experience. Through the "90 Riders In 90 Days" campaign, the Foundation is seeking 90 sponsors for 90 Equestrians With Disabilities and Heroes on Horses exhibitors .

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Heroes On Horses

In addition to Equestrians With Disabilities, the Foundation also promotes classes in which military members may compete on horseback, called Heroes On Horses. Riders who are disabled veterans or active duty “wounded warriors” who participate in PATH Intl. Equine Services for Heroes or have a Department of Veteran Affairs disability rating are eligible to participate.

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